Superhuman Ad Partnerships

Superhuman is one of the biggest B2B technology newsletters in the world with 600,000+ readers. Leading brands like Hubspot, Amazon, Notion and Calendly partner with Superhuman to connect with our audience of Enterprise and B2B professionals. Superhuman is written by Zain Kahn.

Here's why you should advertise with us:

 🌎 Reach: 600,000+ readers

✉️ Open rate: 40%

💰 Impressions: An average issue generates 230,000+ impressions for each ad.

🌎 Location: 70% from the US, 20% combined from the UK, Canada, Australia and the EU.

👥 Audience: Our readership leans heavily towards high-skilled workers in tech, marketing, engineering, product management, and finance. Our readers work at companies like Apple, Google, Meta (Facebook), LinkedIn, BCG, Bain, PWC, Snowflake, IBM, Microsoft, and many more.

🤝 Sponsors: Some of the world's leading enterprises and startups partner with Superhuman to acquire new customers by connecting with our audience of engaged professionals and businesses. Amazon, Calendly, Notion, and Masterworks are some of the companies that have partnered with us.

📈 Reach: In addition to the 600,000 newsletter readers, we also have 1.5 million+ followers across LinkedIn and Twitter, making us an ideal partner to help drive your message across multiple platforms.

What sponsors say

"We got ~300% direct return on our ad spend with Superhuman. We got 4x the traffic of another similarly sized newsletter with much higher intent."

MyAsk AI

"We saw hundreds of signups and investments, so the newsletter positively impacted the bottom line of our business."


"We sponsor a lot of newsletters and the readers from Superhuman are the best early adopters and also our best ROI across all newsletters."

Loop Genius

We currently offer 4 types of ads:

Primary Ad

Placement near the top of the email. 400-500 characters. 1 image and 2 CTAs. 1 spot available per issue.

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Tutorial Ad

Placement near the top of the email. 400-700 characters. 1 image and 2 CTAs. 1 spot available per issue.

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Spotlight Ad

Placement in the middle of the email. 250-300 characters. 1 image and 1 CTA. 1 spot available per issue.

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Featured Tool Ad

Placement in the '5 AI Tools of the Day' section of the email. 150 characters. 1 spot available per issue.

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All ads are subject to approval. Products and services related to technology, software, AI, B2B, and enterprise are best suited to our audience of professionals. Consumer products like supplements and clothing are not a good fit. A maximum of 1 ad can be purchased per issue. Multiple ads for future issues can be purchased at the same time.