Sponsor Testimonials

"800+ Beta testers signed up in a day - say no more. Of course it depends on your business/ product as well - for us our conversion rate is 45-55%."


"We've gotten over 100 new sign ups and 1000+ unique user and website visits."


"We got ~300% direct return on our ad spend with Superhuman and probably a lot of "hard to quantify" benefit in terms of exposure to their high-quality audience. We got 4x the traffic of another similarly sized AI newsletter with much higher intent."

Ask AI

"Total game changer! By showcasing InboxPro, we reached the right crowd, and boy, did our brand get noticed! More buzz, more inquiries, more sales. We didn’t just get customers; we got to understand our peeps better, which is priceless."


"Our goal was to drive sign-ups and Superhuman was incredible at delivering on that."

Augment AI

"One of the most successful newsletter placements we've done to date."


"Saw tons of traffic and registrations for the PixieBrix platform."


"We sponsor a lot of newsletters and the readers from Superhuman are the best early adopters and also our best ROI across all newsletters."